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These home goodies, with the mood will become better


Good Things > Daily necessities

These home goodies, with the mood will become better

Because life is changing, needs are changing. The arrangement of the living room, kitchen placement, as much as possible to meet the logic of use, so that it is more comfortable to use. Jun 10, 2024

Japan Cainz storage basket

This frame was purchased on the recommendation of home bloggers, the first envisioned to contain ingredients. Usually can be folded to a very small, go to the supermarket shopping, open and carry the shopping, buy directly carry back to put storage shelves, imagined to be able to reduce the vacant.

However, after using it once, I found that when the storage basket is filled with ingredients, it is particularly heavy. If it is too heavy, it is very bad to carry, not only the palm of the hand rubbed red uncomfortable, but also because of the weight is too big and bad to carry, not elegant at all

I had no choice but to put it on the shelf, as a common storage basket. I did not expect, after this arrangement is particularly good, not only good push and pull, but also all the clutter can be organized, the appearance also looks very neat.

This storage frame has different sizes, it is recommended to buy a set of three sizes, and then see which size is most consistent with the use of their own home, and then buy more, otherwise in case you buy the wrong size, the return is quite troublesome.

Food dust cover

The epidemic that period, Liu Daqiang desperately do dessert, do not eat well will be taken to neighbors to taste. However, there is no decent holding decoration, obviously high cake, put into the plate containing dishes, all of a sudden low a lot.

I remember a picnic with friends, we brought a carefully prepared red velvet cake. The top beautiful, the bottom is a layer of ice bags + a stainless steel basin, the car drove up bam bam bam. Friends in mind, gave Liu Daqiang a set of transparent dust cover.

This glass cover, not only can serve rice well, or eat the cake dessert, but also can be used to serve rice ingredients, the family use rate is quite high. The only flaw is that glass products are fragile and fragile, one inattentive to break. Well, my family's set of three, there has been a permanent departure from us.

Japanese style tabletop sideboard

As more and more cups and plates are collected, there is not enough space to lay them flat. So, listening to friends recommended the purchase of this Japanese tabletop sideboard, after using it feels really fragrant. Good dinner plates and dishes, can become decorative items.

This solid wood sideboard that we custom made is perfect for storing small household items like cups and plates. The most intuitive change is the larger space, three levels of storage space, but also more three-dimensional beautiful. The glass sliding door is also very elegant.

This solid wood sideboard bought back, put the balcony blowing two days to dissipate the smell. Put it directly on the living room counter, store the cups and plates suitable for ornaments, coffee utensils, see the mood beautiful every day.

minnow silicone straws & coffee cups

For people with bad teeth, dentists will recommend using straws as much as possible when drinking milk, orange juice, or cola, so as to prevent the sugar from getting on your teeth.

In my family's purchasing experience, plastic straws are convenient, but not environmentally friendly enough, each straw is basically used only once and then thrown away, always with a shallow sense of guilt.

In order to change the problem of plastic straws, Scarlett bought metal straws, and the store also kindly gave various sizes of small brushes, according to the instructions you can clean the inside of the straw after each use, thus achieving the environmental purpose of reuse. However, reality always gives such a small naive fierce blow back.

The main problem with metal straws is that you can't brush the inside, especially if you finish drinking milk and don't have time to clean it within 5 minutes, then you will be waiting for a tough cleaning session. Soon, straws and small bristle brush together with the dust.

A while ago, when we were buying minnow silicone cups, we accidentally found silicone straws that worked especially well. Basically solved all the previous problems, reuse, good cleaning, more hygienic.

This silicone cup is also recommended, cold and heat resistant, no taste. Cups, lids, straws are free to match the color, buy a few more every day with the mood. It should be noted that the lid is not sealed.

Scarlett's favorite is the avocado green cup body with yellow lid and purple straw.