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What are the home goodies, after using, let you feel cheap really good?


Good Things > Daily necessities

What are the home goodies, after using, let you feel cheap really good?

Many people have a greater need to improve home life, while the pursuit of home life quality improved a lot, after all, there is a long time, every day stay at home, without a comfortable environment how can it work. Jun 11, 2024

1.Bamboo and rattan slippers

Home with a lot of wood floors, original wood color hard furnishings students, preferred to recommend 1 Southeast Asian straw hat style slippers, cool + simple also with a little Japanese style, the next time friends come home, absolutely a door to change shoes can feel your home of high compelling.

In addition with sweaty feet, bathrooms and other scenes, bamboo and rattan slippers are also better breathable, not easy to produce odor, quick drying effect will also be better.

2.Art picture frame

This stuff is also very easy to find, a treasure everywhere, geometric, abstract, people, landscapes, stars, sketches, what style are available, a little effort, your home and upgrade a class.

And if you match the same color scheme of your own home, it will look very design, whether it is placed in the bedroom, or by the desk, is a source of inspiration for life and work.

3. Metal small table lamp

This metal desk lamp I really like very much! Table lamp needless to say, placed on the desk bedside, work or reading efficiency can be increased by more than 3 times! Of course you want to like other styles can also, I heard that the better quality also protect the eyes. Buy back, be sure to try the rainy day, all the lights in the house off, leaving only a desk lamp as a companion, looking at the book at the desk, brushing the phone in that state of comfort, is really ordinary headlamp lighting, can not bring a sense of pleasure.

4. Voluspa aromatherapy

Voluspa is a niche aromatherapy brand in the United States, this brand uses natural coconut wax, safe and practical. 12 different flavors of candles for a set box, the packaging is unbeatable.

Very much like the French dubi and lavender, very relaxing when sleeping on the point; and goji berries and Tarocco blood orange is said to be the sales champion, do not point when you can still smell the faint fragrance of fruit, send people and self-use on a small table to enhance a little happiness ~

5. RootSense root yuan refrigerator gods

This refrigerator artifact, put 2 section 1 battery installed in it began to work, the light blinking. Put into the refrigerator, the main role is sterilization, preservation and deodorization, I heard that you can also decompose the pesticide residues of vegetables and fruits!

Put a day after opening the refrigerator door, the smell is indeed a lot smaller, I think it should be active oxygen purification refrigerator air, which leads to sterilization deodorization. Freshness this point I have taken the fruit test, did not put the refrigerator artifact fruit than put a lot of oxidation faster, really quite amazing. Refrigerator should also be regularly cleaned Oh, remember not to pile up too full!