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The world's longest banana variety: cow horn banana 60 cm long


Anecdote > Odd

The world's longest banana variety: cow horn banana 60 cm long

Banana is a year-round fruit with very rich nutritional value and many micronutrients are very beneficial to our body, and many people like to eat them. There are many varieties of bananas, and the taste and flavor of each variety are different, so do you know which is the longest variety of banana in the world? Jun 11, 2024

The longest banana species in the world

The cow horn banana grows mainly in the Papua Guinea region, which is a tropical region with abundant sunshine and rain, especially the plants in the Guinea region are particularly large, and many people also like to travel to the Guinea region. The average length of the cow horn banana is about 40 centimeters, with curved color is golden yellow, bite soft and sticky. These giant bananas are usually grown in high mountains and are not as sweet as traditional bananas, but they are an indispensable staple in the lives of local people. A comparison with ordinary bananas can show the most adorable length difference. The size of this banana is about the same as a cow's horn, and many people take a kind of world's very large cow horn banana and their own arms for comparison, and surprisingly find that the average cow horn banana is thicker and stronger than their own arms.


What are the characteristics of the cow horn banana

The cow horn banana is only much larger than the ordinary banana in size, and its shape is completely similar to the ordinary banana. However, its flesh is particularly soft and its taste is very sweet. This kind of banana is mostly distributed in Africa and Yunnan and Hainan in China. Since the environment in other regions is not very suitable for the growth of the cow horn banana, this variety is very rare in other regions.



Cow horn banana consumption contraindications

Although the cow horn banana is rich in nutrition, but when eating must pay special attention, not ripe must not eat, it is easy to cause constipation. Because the outer skin is green when it is not ripe, the inner fruit is very astringent, so the taste is not very good. And in the unripe inside will contain a lot of tannic acid, is this substance will lead to constipation.

You cannot eat too many cow horn bananas, which can easily lead to an imbalance of trace elements in the body. This kind of banana is very delicious, so some people eat several at a time, due to the magnesium and potassium contained in the cow horn banana, etc., will cause too much intake, so there is an imbalance of trace elements, which will have certain effects on the body.

One more thing, cow horn bananas should never be put into the refrigerator to refrigerate before consumption, because the taste will deteriorate after refrigeration, and will appear blackened and easily rotten. This situation will appear spoiled state, if human beings in use after it is easy to lead to diarrhea and abdominal pain and other situations, so pay special attention to.

Do not eat croissant bananas on an empty stomach, although croissant bananas can be used as food to fill the hunger. But if eaten on an empty stomach, it is easy to consume too much of the elements contained in the croissant banana, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and so on. This will have an impact on their stomach and can easily lead to other diseases.