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A few "deeply popular" home goodies, each with real ability, the key is not expensive


Good Things > Daily necessities

A few "deeply popular" home goodies, each with real ability, the key is not expensive

When something is cheaper than expected, I can't resist buying it. Past experience tells me that most of them will not stand the test of time, and will find a variety of problems as they are used. But I have to admit, some really refresh my perception of "cheap", the more you use the more you feel worth, today we come to inventory. Jun 18, 2024

1、Socket extension cord
Because of the lack of consideration when decorating, the socket point is not reasonable is the common problem of most families. Only after living in the discovery, often face the plug can not reach the socket embarrassment.

The general method of treatment is: the use of mopping board. Can be used in the ground mopping board down okay, but encounter the situation as shown, hanging a mopping board in mid-air, it really does not look good.

2、pot lid rack
In fact, as shown in the pot lid rack, I have seen early, from the practicality of the items, impeccable, can be drained after washing pot lids, wall-mounted storage, does not occupy the countertop.

But as far as the price is concerned, I've always had the misconception that this kind of space aluminum is generally not too cheap, and the mental expectation has always been around a dozen dollars.

But it took a long time to realize that it belonged to the $3 bracket.

So I decided to get it, and now more than a year has passed, it is still the same as when I bought it new, and according to my knowledge of space aluminum, it is estimated that the next 10 years will be as good as ever.

3、Rotary tray
Tray this kind of thing, I actually do not approve of, because it will add an item to the home for no reason.

But this rotating tray, I agree, because the properties of rotation, in addition to making it easier to take. Can also indirectly achieve the purpose of expansion.

For example, there are so many sauces as above, it is impossible to store them all in one compartment, because once you put them all in one compartment, it means that you have to turn over the compartment every time you need to get the one inside.

However, with the rotating tray, this situation can be improved. A light turn of the items to the eye.

5、Heat shrink bag
How do you generally store shoes to collect?

In the first N years before I knew about heat shrink bags, I was using shoe boxes (paper boxes, plastic boxes have been used).

But in fact, you can completely throw away the shoe box, and instead use heat-shrink bags, in the storage effect, comparable to the plastic packaging when we open something new, dustproof, waterproof, to prevent the odor of other shoes string into the shoes to be stored.

The operation of sealing the bag and very simple: hair dryer blowing, the bag automatically shrinks into the picture as shown.

6、Automatic fragrance sprayer
Bathroom in the process of use often emits some unpleasant odors, these foreign substances regardless of what cleaning products are difficult to clean, even if the use of aromatherapy aromatherapy, can only briefly suppress the odor.

Instead of often buying aromatherapy, it is better to directly place an automatic fragrance emitter in the bathroom, with the bathroom white tiles, minimalist style automatic fragrance emitter even on the wall, does not affect the overall style of the bathroom, but will also look more elegant.