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Three home life small appliances recommended


Good Things > Household

Three home life small appliances recommended

Whether you live at home or daily home life, you need some home life small appliances to make your home cleaner and make life easier. Jul 20, 2024

1: Floor sweeper

This Coors intelligent sweeping robot, can accurately identify the surrounding environment, encounter obstacles in advance to open the buffer device to protect the furniture and itself from damage. Secondly, it can intelligently carry out waste classification and processing, so that the cleaning becomes cleaner and more thorough.

Fashionable and compact sweeping robot, built-in laser navigation technology, can accurately identify the route, all-round coverage, efficient and clean more assured. Blue whale cleaning system, efficient and clean, enjoy a comfortable environment. The use of AIVI intelligent object recognition real-time obstacle avoidance, can sweep while looking at the identification, natural sweep clean and thorough. At the same time AI video housekeeper can set fixed-point security patrol to protect family safety, but also to record the wonderful life of pets.

2: Humidifier

Although busy with work every day, but the pursuit of high quality of life has not stopped. The dry season is approaching, how can we ensure a whole day of wet na? The emergence of humidifiers is a good solution to this problem. Relatively speaking, some fog volume, water mist fine, no noise humidifier at work, so that the hard-working people find the best way to moisturize.

Purification network water mist fresh, strong airflow through the fog guide tube. The activated carbon purification network used can filter the dust and lint in the air and deliver fresh water mist. Through-flow fog tube structure strong airflow, fog more quickly, the formation of air circulation in space.

3: Air purifier

Staying in a fixed space for a long time, you can exhale more than a little bit of turbid air every day, not to mention the bad weather, someone at home to create second-hand smoke and other situations. Have a pure and clean environment, the home has so an air purifier is really too important!

Touch screen operation, silent mode, smart alert. This air purifier has a touch screen operation, which is very convenient. And the silent mode can be used at night. And the intelligent filter prompt, more secure use.