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What is the animal with the greatest long-distance running endurance: The horse


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What is the animal with the greatest long-distance running endurance: The horse

Movement is the nature of animals, is the condition of survival of animals. In the various types of animals on earth, if you only count the running speed and endurance, humans can only be considered the weakest. In the animal kingdom there are very slow running animals, there are also very fast running animals, some of them have a very strong endurance, then you know what is the strongest long-distance running endurance animals? Jun 10, 2024

What is the animal with the best endurance for long-distance running

We all know that although the speed of the horse is not the fastest, but endurance is definitely the best. Since ancient times, the horse is the people travel "transportation", after all, in ancient times are riding a horse to fight, riding a horse to send letters, only the horse can run such a long distance, and the horse is also very easy to be tamed, is a better friend of mankind, the horse's endurance and its body structure also has a relationship. For thousands of years people have trained and raised horses, if they do not have good endurance and long-distance running ability, I'm afraid it will not be so popular "favored" it!


Reasons for the horse's high stamina

The endurance of a horse is very strong because of its legs, which are relatively long and thin. When running does not need to use much strength to make the legs move, and the horse's muscles are also very well developed, it is mainly good at long-distance running, so in ancient times acted as a role of transportation.

The horse's nose is very large, when breathing, the horse can breathe through the nose and mouth to saturate the lungs, and when the horse is tired, as long as he is given water to eat grass, it can also quickly continue to run, horses and camels are different, the camel's back can store food, but the horse is difficult to exercise after the consumption of food and grass.

There are many kinds of horses, in the ancient books say that the red hare horse should be the most powerful, the ability of the red mane horse is not to be underestimated, in history there is another kind of horse is very powerful, that is, the Mongolian horse, Mongolia has always had the habit of riding horses, and their horses can resist a variety of harsh environments, although the body is not tall, but brave and fierce, is definitely a good military horse. In fact, there is another animal endurance is very strong, that is, the world's most ferocious dog, it is not only fierce while endurance is very strong.


The role of horses

There are many roles of the horse, different times, the role of the horse is different, in ancient times the horse is used as a means of transport, many dignitaries or generals are traveling by horse, when the horse and now the car is similar, the horse is also a rich man's pet, these horses are more intense character, and belong to the day travel a thousand miles, night travel 800.


Now the role of horses has changed a lot, because now there is no need to ride in carriages, more horses are treated as pets, have a tourist role, rich people have their own horse farms, and now there are special horse riding sports, and some horses are in the park, often by children riding around, and become a money-making tool. In some areas have also been adamant about going out on horseback.